World Heritage all over Europe

17 Sep World Heritage all over Europe

TravelEurope is undoubtedly the old continent where you can find a historical, architectural and artistic spectacular heritage, great destinations to travel and where you can enjoy their culture and art corners apart from monuments from the time of Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire to the present. Most of these monuments have been encompassed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, but for the last time they have been adding new interesting places you should visit, at least, one time in your life.

New World Heritage by UNESCO

Thanks to the large tourist mobility within Europe and the low cost flights offered we have been able to know many World Heritage sites in the old continent, but for the large number of them probably would have to travel more to get to know everyone, considering that they are added to the list more interesting places, historical and artistic as well as urban and natural landscapes.

This year 2013 the list has grown on several places that have become part of the heritage and you can already visit.

One of the most attractive and beautiful places of the new list includes the Volcano Etna, currently the most active volcano in the world and which is nothing more and nothing less than at the foot of the Italian city of Naples, a city which is really close to the big volcano and from which you produce stunning images with nature background, in a city that offers visitors a wealth of history and architecture with a good range of leisure.

Tserkvas in the Carpathian Mountains, between Poland and Ukraine, is one of the places chosen for Heritage, a conglomerate of wooden churches that will delight travelers who want to see new places of Eastern cultures.

Very close to Spain, in neighboring Portugal, UNESCO also decided to award the label to the University of Coimbra, one of the most historic campuses of the continent with beautiful architecture made between the 12th and 18th centuries, showing different styles.

And in Italy, the Villas and Gardens of the Medici, the nobility of the 15th and 17th centuries, have won the award with the fortresses of Tuscany, divided into interesting museums, residences and even wine lands and oil production in one of the most visited places in Italy.

All these places have a first class tourist infrastructure to be highly relevant destinations, so the range of accommodation and entertainment is vast and varied and offers visitors everything needed for total enjoyment, with his new monuments and Heritage centers to be discovered.