Visiting the Munich 5 treasures

14 Feb Visiting the Munich 5 treasures

AMunich is one of those places you cannot miss as it owns a huge cultural e historical heritage. Munich has many traditions as it was a city founded by monks. It is one of the most incredible ones in Europe as here started the Nazi movement that started the WWII.

In terms of tourism, this city is really popular also because of the wheat beer. If you like Germany, you have to visit this city, the Bavarian capital.

5 treasures you should visit

1. Marienplatz: your city visit must start here. The St. Mary’s Square is one of the main attractions in the capital thanks to the New City Hall, “Das Neues Rathaus”, a Neogothic building that is one of the most photographed spots in Munich. Also in the same Square you will find the old City Hall and, if you have the opportunity to get inside of it, you will enjoy by taking a look to the many paintings you will find on its walls.

You can find also in this are the Virgin’s statue and the Fish Fountain, built during the 18th century. Behind the Old City Hall is where you can enjoy the terraces and the gastronomy.

2. Haus der Kunst: another building you cannot miss during your trip. Also known as the art house is one of the most popular WWII buildings in the city. The columns and rooms will make you think you are in a Russian palace. It was the favourite building of Hitler as here was exposed the entire Nazi propaganda. Moreover, it was covered by a camouflage canvas to avoid the Allies bombs. You can enjoy also the cafeteria and the golden wall dated from the year 1937.

3. Nymphenburg Palace: it is a stunning residence, Munich heritage, and you cannot forget to visit it. From the entrance, where you will find the beautiful gardens, you will enjoy the visit. You will be able during your tour to imagine the way the rich and noble people lived during the 17th century. You can visit it from 9 euros.

4. Asamkirche: this Baroque church is extreme, the real representation of what the German Rococo was. It also owns some frescoes that you should visit. For example in the church main part you will be able to watch the paints made by the Asam brothers during the 18th century.

5. Hofbrauhaus: you cannot forget to take a fresh beer made in Munich so, we recommend you to arrive here, the most popular bar in Munich and also, maybe, in the whole world. It is visited each year by million of tourists as it is an icon that opened its doors in 1589. We recommend you to try the HB Beer, the handmade one in the city. IT is not really cheap but it worth it.