Visit to old Greece

18 Jun Visit to old Greece

Huelga Controladores - Derechos de los pasajeros - TravelgenioGreece offers one of the richest civilizations with myths and legends of old times. Some of them have been compiled by Homer and have been widely studied to find some truth in them. Most of the mythic sites detailed in the legends have been inspired in real locations. Would you like to travel through the Mediterranean Sea for a thematic visit to the old Greece?

5 places in Greece for lovers of mythology

1. Temple of Apollo: It is dated in the IV century before Christ. The temple of Apollo stands out like one of those sites that appear in the Mythology.  The myth to which it is usually associated is the rivalry between Gea, the earth, and Apollo, the sun. That was the trigger of Gea’s anger, which gave rise to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  Apollo became the king after his defeat.  The temple of Apollo is sited in the Via Sacra, and the other two in Delphos. It is accessible from numerous cities, although it is obvious that to Access to the city from Athens is the best.

2. Olimpo: The Olimpo Mountain is one of the most visited places in Greece. Maybe it is because a lot of myths are associated to it. It is said to be the highest mountain in Greece nowadays, more than 2500 meters high. Only the Musala in Bulgaria in the Balkans is higher.

3. Atlantis: The Atlantis is a legend. Let’s start here. The multiple stories around it locate it in different places of the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean. Nevertheless Google Ocean located it in the Island of Malta. If we want to “visit the Atlantis” this island may be ideal for a touristic holiday, with a submarine investigation in the periphery. Have you ever practiced diving? This is the moment to do it.

4. Trojan: It is difficult that the legendary Trojan is unknown. It was the protagonist in a war with its own name. Trojan is still a mystery. Nevertheless its current location would be around 300 kilometers from Istanbul in Turkey. The Trojan ruins are visited by a lot of tourists and there is a replica of the horse, the present that ruined the Trojan people.

5. Elise’s: The Elise’s fields were the dwelling of the Hades. They were reached going through the Aqueronte River with the arrival to the underworld and the Lete River. The Lete is a mythic river with no correspondence nowadays. The Aqueronte River is located in the northwest of the Epiro. The Epiro is not located in Greece nowadays, but in Albania, near the city of Parga. Legends might locate the Hades at the end of this river, perhaps because this land was inhospitable at the time.