Useful information to travel to Sofia

18 Sep Useful information to travel to Sofia

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioAlthough it is not the most visited capital in Europe, Sofia has many things to offer to visitors that are looking for history and art. It is a city that lived many interesting historical things and has a unique heritage that you will enjoy. Moreover, it did not suffer the Belgrade attacks, so many of the monuments are still the same way as they were built in the Bulgarian capital.

5 tips to travel to Sofia

1.* Public transport: Sofia is one of those cities that own a real good public transportation thought for the Bulgarian neighbour and for their needs. You can buy a travel pass and enjoy the tramway, the bus and the subway. Of course you can also enjoy a taxi, a real cheap option if you compare it to other European capitals.

2.* The basic Bulgarian should be learnt: from the Good morning to a Thanks is a basic courtesy in Bulgaria. Take into account that there is a lot of people here that just speaks Bulgarian.

3.* Carry cash: well, this is a must everywhere. But here you will be able to enjoy the real market tradition if you take with you a few coins and bills. There are many places to exchange.

4.* If you are travelling with a low budget, go as far as possible from the Vitosha Boulevard: it is the most expensive area of the city and where all the luxury hotels are located. If you are not interested in spending a great amount, we recommend you to go away from here. You will find the typical dishes in a popular price in any bar. But also take into account that in Bulgaria everything is, more or less, half the price of any of the other European capitals.

5.* Visit the city during spring and summer: the best months to discover Sofia are the summer ones. More than that, we recommend you to take this tip into account as there are many travellers that usually decide to arrive here during winter and find the city with snow. There are some visits you should include, such as the National Culture Palace, the St. George Church and also St. Sophie one, the Banya Bashi Mosque or the St. Alexander Nevski cathedral.