Unforgettable trips to the South American winter

05 Aug Unforgettable trips to the South American winter

patagonia-argentina-travelgenioWinter in South America is one of the best seasons for those who are snow lovers and want to travel to a cold place. Many tourist are the ones who love the extreme sports like ski and want to spend, every year, some days to practice them.

Mar de Plata

Although it is a really popular destination during summer for those who want to explore the Argentinian coast, during winter it is also a charming place to get to. You will not have the possitibility to have a sea bath but it is really in winter when travelers demand the most this destination because of the calm and the less massificated spaces. You must go to the Rambla, a place really famous in the city and from where you will be able to see the Sea. The Cultural Villa Victoria Ocampo is other of those spots you cannot miss while you visit Mar de Plata moreover during winter. The same happens with the MAR Museum.


It has been called the best place to go when you take your winter holidays. There are many travelers dreaming about the possibility to getting here, others just take their chance and decide to fly here to see the beautiful spectacle of the snowy mountains and the Mascardi Lake. The Cathedral Peak is the best place for tourist to practice the most typical winter sports like the sky, the tobogganing, the snowmobiles or many other plans. Bariloche is located in the Patagonian San Carlos province.

La Parva

We can say that La Parva, in Chile, is one of the most important and famous skii centers in the country, where tourist from all over the country and the world get to find the most paradisiac space to practise some of the extreme sports but also the beautiful green and snowy mountains of Los Andes. La Parva is located in a strategical place near the capital so it is really easy to get there for travelers.