Travel destinations and activities in the Netherlands

15 Jul Travel destinations and activities in the Netherlands

mThe Netherlands has been a popular travel destination for all Europeans. The country lies centrally and can be reached very easy by different traffic routes; in addition, the Netherlands offer a great number of activities, sights and attractions for tourists. We would like to palate you some peculiar travel destinations and places in this article. Maybe you will find some destinations you don’t know already and which could be on your next travel list.

Zandvoort: The extended bathing beaches in Zandvoort are not only extremely popular with Dutch people, but also with foreigners. Many people who live in Amsterdam have a weekend house in Zandvoort and are spending here their free days. You will find a beautiful city centre with many small shops, and also restaurants inviting you to saunter. The city also has a casino which should be visited occasionally.

Amsterdam: The city of rivers and canals. However, apart from that, you can of course get to know a lot of other things in this town with over a million inhabitants. The huge amount of museums and galleries is especially interesting for art lovers. But also the unparalleled architecture of the old town is really worth an extended stroll. Those who want to discover Amsterdam by their own, really should rent themselves a bicycle and start the voyage of discovery. In addition, when it comes to night life, Amsterdam is a highlight. Many bars and clubs are spread all over the whole city and are offering something for every taste.

Rotterdam: The modern Rotterdam is also attracting thousands of visitors every year. The old harbour town has a significant role as the biggest harbour in Europe. Apart from that, Rotterdam is one of the cultural centres in the Netherlands. So art lovers can also find something interesting for them.

Tour on the canals: Why not just rent a boat and start sailing? Not possible? No, it is. In the Netherlands you can just rent a Gracht (canal ships) and start the discovery tour. There are several hundreds of kilometres of waterways which can be used and a trip, depending from the destination, can last up to 3 weeks. You will be your own skipper and will be able to adjust the route to your own pace. On the shore sites, there are a lot of piers which can be used to take a break or to spend the night here. Apart from that you can also come in contact with other sailors and enjoy the whole on water.

Bicycle tours: As the Netherlands are altogether very flat, this country is great for extensive bicycle tours. The transport network is supremely developed and marked especially for bicycle riders in many areas. On longer tours, you can either do camping or you will find yourself hotels and hostels on the route. This is probably the best way to discover the beauty of the countryside by doing such a tour.