Tirana, a charming capital to discover in 2018

14 Feb Tirana, a charming capital to discover in 2018

The Albanian capital is one of those cities that is not really popular among travellers although it is really incredible and interesting for curious profiles. It is a beautiful place to discover during this new year.

Tirana, the main places to visit

If you don’t want to loose time in this place, located in one of the most beautiful areas of the country, with their green valleys and hills like the Dajti Mount, take a look to our main list. Apart from visiting these monuments we will mention you can also find many leisure activities in its surroundings.

The Clock Tower: O Kulla e Sahatit is a beautiful tower that is really near other interesting spot in the city: the Et’hem Bey Mosque, dated in the 19th century. This Mosque is a must if you like the Arabic art.

Culture Palace: here is located the National Ballet and the National Library, but also the Opera Theatre. Of course, a place to take into account when planning all the must visits.

Tirana Park: this artificial park is one of the most popular spots for all neighbours. Enjoy the entire leisure offer and also all the views.

National History Museum: built in 1981 it is one of the most interesting cultural visits you can make in the Albanian capital.

Tirana Castle: the Kalaja e Tiranës is one of the most beautiful and traditional monuments in the city center.
Apart from these, you can also find some Ortodox churches like the St. Procopio one or the St. Mary’s building. Also, the Albanian Mother monument is a recommended visit.

How to arrive to Tirana

The best option to arrive to this city is by flying to its Internacional Airport. There are many connections with some of the most important European Capitals with direct flights. You can also plan a multi destination flight if you need a connection with any of the incredible cities in Europe.