Tips to travel to Sydney without ruining you

06 Sep Tips to travel to Sydney without ruining you

There is no traveller in the world that has not dreamt about arriving to Australia and that is why we want to talk about the possibilities to discover a country like this without a huge budget. First of all, search the best moment to fly there and … take into account our tips!

Sydney in 6 tips

1.* Apartment or autovan: there are many possibilities to enjoy this Pacific island in a van. There are many agencies that offer this type of trip.  Of course, it depends on the type of trip you want to enjoy. If you want to sleep in a bed, you should opt for an apartment. They are not cheap but you can buy the meals in a supermarket and save some money there.

2.* Anzac Memorial Museum: it is a must in the city and you can enter for free so you can enjoy the Australian culture without spending a coin. It will show you part of the Australian history.

3.* Harbour bridge: it is a must walk in Sydney and you won’t need to pay for it. Would you like to know the best part of this plan? The views you will be able to admire from it.

4.* Chinatown: apart from being really cheap to eat in any of the street shops, it is a must visit as it is one of the most incredible Chinese suburbs in the world.

5.* The Royal Botanical Gardens and the Secret Garden: really interesting for any type of travellers. The Secret Garden, as its name suggests, is not really popular and you will be able to enjoy one of the most incredible natural attractions.

6.* Sydney’s Observatory: it owns guided visits from 10 to 17 hours every single day so, plan it and enjoy it.