Tips to travel to Los Angeles

17 Jul Tips to travel to Los Angeles

LA city is one of those marvellous places you should visit, at least, once in life. It is really interesting not only because of the Fame Walk or the Hollywood Studios, beaches and the Santa Monica’s dock but also because of the zoo, the Cathedral, Little Tokyo, Mulholland Drive or Sunset Boulevard among others.

6 tips to visit LA

1.- Choose the length of your trip: LA offers many tourist attractions both inside the proper city and also in its surroundings. If you want to discover the city and also enjoy Disneyland you will need, at least, a week. Of course, from here you have infinity options as you can also decide to discover Nevada, just 2 hours far by car.

2.- The best season to travel to LA: if you want a template climate, this won’t be your perfect destination as it has extreme hot during the year with temperatures near 40ºC. If you are thinking about July or August, you can suffer even high heat.

3.- The best way to travel to Los Angeles: of course if you are travelling from Europe, the best option will be the plane.  If you want to save some money in your trip, you can also make the connexion from NY or something similar to save some dollars. If you travel via London you can also find better rates.

4.- A map and some apps not to get lost: not to get lost? Yes. It is the second biggest city in USA and it has about 11 million inhabitants so if you want to arrive here we recommend you not to get lost easily. How? Easy, use a GPS.

5.- If you want beach, time to plan it during summer: many travellers are looking to enjoy the LA beaches as in the films. If you want to do it too we recommend you the St. Monica’s Bay and the summer season because during the rest of the year water is as cold as in European northern seas.

6.- Hotel prices: if there is something that make many travellers to think about the real possibility to visit LA is the room rate. A road motel will cost you around 100 dollars while if you stay in the city will be the same…for each person sleeping.