Tips to travel to Japan without a high budget

02 Aug Tips to travel to Japan without a high budget

Viajar a Tokyo - Recomendaciones TravelgenioThe Japanese country is one of the most interesting places for travellers. Meanwhile, we are talking about an archipelago with a great cultural variety and beauty, but it is also known because of the high prices. Do you think that it is impossible to travel to Japan and save some money? Well, we are going to try to help you with our tips. Just take a look.

5 tips you can use for a low cost trip to Japan

1. Accommodation: it is the expensive thing of the trip, although you can also choose to sleep in a hostel, especially if you travel with friends. If you are travelling with your couple, you can also take a look to the possibility of renting an apartment where you can “make life in”, we mean, you can also cook. A double room in a hotel is about 50€ so it is not as expensive as you think.

2. Food: better a fast food option. The truth is that the Japanese cities have really cheap food in the streets. If you are not really scrupulous you can taste some of the typical dishes without spending more than 5 euros. The same happens with the European cities, so you can save some money just by taking a look to the food offer.

3. Transport: it is the biggest problem here. Transport is really expensive in Japan. The most common option for travellers is the Japan Rail Pass. You can have it for a few days and be able to visit some other cities. It is expensive, we know it, but you can travel for 7, 14 or 21 days without limits.

4. Camping: you can camp for free in many free camp spaces in its geography. It is one of the main options for many travellers.

5. Flights: you should book them months before the departure. Although you are travelling from the Asiatic Southeast, we recommend you to take a look with enough time. This way you can have the possibility to book round trips for less than 500 euros. If you try to find the connections from Barcelona or London, you will find the most economical options.

If you plan your budget in a very realistic way, you can spend among 1500 euros for this marvellous and unforgettable trip.