Tips for the perfect trip to Peru

16 May Tips for the perfect trip to Peru

If you want to plan a perfect trip to this country you will firstly need to know that you will fall in love with all your stay. Take a look to some of the most interesting tips to enjoy your travel.

4 tips for an unforgettable Peru vacation

1. Make an itinerary that suits your stay: one of the most important things once you decide to visit this country is to have into account that you would like to visit as much as possible but you need to adapt all those wishes to the days you are going to spend here. Take a look to distances, times and you will enjoy it better than if you are constantly in a hurry.

2. Book your flights at least 3-6 months before: moreover if you are going to travel from Europe as you will find the best rates if you anticipate your purchase. We recommend you to try to save some money here to spend it afterwards in the country.

3. Plan a gastronomy budget: yes, you will have to plan this as you will be able to taste some of the most incredible national dishes. The flavour of this country is, without doubt, unique. You need to try the typical food if you really want to say you have been here.

4. Be careful with the high illness: you will try the experience of being at about 3000 metres high so, it is really an impact for your body. Talk with doctors before your trip and follow their recommendations.

… some other tips

People in this country are so calm and kind so you will be able to enjoy this trip a lot. Take a look to the hand make artisans. Some of the places you will visit are unique and World Heritage and you must take care of them.