Tips for nouvelles travelers

08 Jul Tips for nouvelles travelers

TravelIf you are going to travel for the first time, both alone or with friends, we will like to recommend you some details to make your trip unforgettable and without problems.

The tips for newbies

1. Make your own budget: before getting to your destination, you must think about the money you have to plan all your trip. You must know places to visit, the prices – if you have to pay for it – and, of course, avoid spending all your pocket money.

2. Get all the destination information: it is not recommended to start an adventure in a place where you have not been before. Take all the details about what to visit, the culture, politics and also the knowledge of the traditions of the city and country you will visit.

3. Just the necessary: don’t take more clothes that the ones you will need. It is recommended just to pack the things taking into account the days you will travel, the type of clothes you will need and the luggage you can take. Don’t forget to take a hand bag.

4. Clothes: depending on where you go you must have to dress according to its traditions. If you are traveling to occidental countries, clothes can be chosen according to your own style but, if you are going to arrive to midwest countries, you must dress according to their codes. This will help you visiting all their monuments.

5. Get in time: anywhere you travel you must be before to be able to catch your transport in order not to loose it or any of its connections.

6. Documents: days before the trip you must check you have in order all your documents. Don’t forget some of them as there are many countries that will ask you for them.

7. Schedules: there are many ways to check the schedules, both the fights arrival or departures or any other type of transports. Also take notes of the monument or any other touristic attraction.

8. Food: if you are not really sure about the gastronomy of the country, you must be informed about all the ingredients they usually use. This will avoid any stomach problem. We can say the same about the water.

9. Vaccines: in many countries they will ask you to get vaccined before arriving to them, for example, if we talk about Africa and the malarian one. Go to the international travelers offices to know if you need some certification about the ones you already have and the ones you must get.

10. Travel without being frightened: a trip adventure is always unforgettable, with many emotional parts.