Tips for a trip to Athens

05 Feb Tips for a trip to Athens

The Athens capital is considered the cradle of civilization and there you will be able to visit some of the most popular world monuments like the Parthenon, the Hellenic Parliament or even the Sintagma Square, the Licabeto Mount or the National Library, among others like the unforgettable Acropolis. Would you like to come here and discover all these marvels?

5 tips to enjoy Athens

1. Choose the best payment method: we recommend you always to carry some cash instead of paying everything with the credit card. Especially if you are a European traveller, keep some cash in case you have an emergency. This will help you solving some problems in case there is a problem with the magnetic band of your card. This is a tip you should take for all destinations if you want to enjoy without scary situations.

2. Plan your visits: if you want to discover the Parthenon, the Acropolis or many other popular monuments, you will better get informed before to avoid the massive schedules.

3. Gastronomy: of course, you need to taste it. But be careful if your stomach is delicate. The best way to taste their savours and flavours is in the street offers, but take a look to the ingredients in case your digestion is not easy. Greece is a Mediterranean country and its food is really unique and delicious.

4. Night in Athens: if you want to enjoy the night parties and the outdoor concerts, take a look to the offer during your stay. We recommend you to enjoy the local pubs.

5. Don’t forget to discover the bouzouki: have you ever heard about it? It has to do with the possibility of dancing and singing in public. If you are a good showman this is your perfect leisure offer.