Things you should know and love in Lisbon

08 Jun Things you should know and love in Lisbon

Escapada a Portugal - Turismo con TravelgenioIt is the fado city, the bohemian capital of the country and also a trendy destination for this 2017 but, what do you know about it? We would like to take a look to the curiosities you will find and love in this place.

Lisbon owns something that seduces all type of travellers

It is not just about the suburbs, not even about the fado. It is the rest of what you will find. It is the soul that emerges, the nostalgic you will feel…

1.    The city with the Seven Hills: it is well known because of this, and that is also the reason why you will find its areas really well divided as it is shown, for example, between Pedro de Alcantara, Santa Caterina, Estrela, Castelo, Graça, Penha de França or Graça.

2.    Alfama and the fado: this tune is almost its religion. We would like to say that this suburb is one of the biggest ones to discover. There are always something to do here. It is a must once you start tourism in Lisbon.

3.    Roman Galleries of A Baixa: it is one of those places that is missing in the maps and guides, but you need to go there and discover the catacombs during September. Of course, take a look first as it is a really demanded plan during 25-26 and 27 of september.

4.    The Christ Redeemer Statue: it is a replica of the homonym one in Rio de Janeiro. It appeared during 1934 and you will get amused by its details.

5.    Lisbon roads: if you need to discover something in Portugal, this is the roads, especially in Lisbon.

6.    Confectionery: of course, we are talking about the Belem one, opened in 1837 and where you can still feel the essence of the artisan’s hands doing the pastry. Of course, you will have to taste them but, also, enjoy the rest of the surroundings, with the Belem Tower in the shores.

7.    Yellow trams: These iconic trams are unique as they are a symbol of the city. They are also called the Americans as they were bought there.