The Way of St. James : From Compostela to Finisterre

04 Jun The Way of St. James : From Compostela to Finisterre

Viajar en Tren - TravelgenioIf you don’t have enough time to make the whole St. James Way but you want to spend some days in Galicia also enjoying its gastronomy with the four stages of the Camino, from Compostela to the Finisterre Cape, you have the perfect opportunity to make it thanks to the small guide that follows.

The Ways’ stages to Finisterre

The first stage has Negreira as destination and it is 21 kilometers long. Between other locations, it passes through Ponte Sarela, Moas de Abaixo, Alto de Vento or Obellas. If you leave the city from the southest part of the Campus, it will be easy to follow it as it is well singposted.

The second stage is about 33 kilometers and gets to Olveiroa. The locations of Zas, Porto Camiño, Santa Mariña o Porteliñas are the ones you fill find when you follow it. The route that separates the cities of Santiago de Compostela and Olveiroa is very simple.

The third stage is from Olveiroa to Fisterra and counts 34 kilometers. It its the one that should be known as the last one. Watch the Fisterra Cape is one of the most marvellous options you will find in all he St. James Way.

Finally the fourth stage of this way is a bifurcation that can be done by travelling by bus again to Olveiroa and then get to Muxía. It is the best alternative for those who want to make the whole way. Muxía worths a visit as it will show you the most clasical Galicia.


Hostels are the best option for every traveler or pilgrim as they only cost about 5 euros per night. If you haven’t started yet the stages, you may ask about the Pilgrim’s passport where they will stamp you each of the stages you will get. As the route is about 100 kilometers, you must have it into account.