The Three main museums in Paris

02 Feb The Three main museums in Paris

VThe French capital is one of the touristiest places of the world and it worth it. The huge numbers of attractions you will find here make Paris almost an outdoor museum. The classical buildings, the museums and the river make the city not only the love one but also the culture and art capital with more than 150 museums in the centre and surroundings. But if we have to choose three, we have to talk about the Louvre, the Orsay and finally the Pompidou.

The Louvre, the most desired one

The Louvre Museum is one of the biggest and popular ones all over the world and also one of the most visited ones.

Each year is discovered by almost 8.5 million people. Its collection is formed by more than 445 thousand works including sculpture, paints, artistic objects and also archaeological discoveries from different civilizations, cultures and ages. You will need, at least, 2 days to admire all the exhibited works.

Among others, some of the most famous things to visit are the Gioconda, the Milo Venus and also the Samotracia Victory. It is located in the Palais Royal, in the city center.  You must pay 14 euros to get inside it and, with the same ticket, you can enter to the Delacroix Museum, the Temporary Musuems and also the Permanent Exhibition.

The Orsay Museum

It is other of those places that you cannot forget when visiting Paris. It was an antique train station during the 20th century. Nowadays it owns the impressionism and post impressionism works of the main masters as well as a sculpture collection that worth a visit.

There are some incredible works signed by Renoir, Cezanne, Gauguin or Monet that will leave you speechless once you are in front of them. The Upper Flor is also a Party Saloon with different decoration details that will make you love this place.

Located in the Rue de Lille, the Orsay Museum is unique.

The Pompidou Museum

Also known as the Georges Pompidou Centre, it owns one of the best contemporary art collections. The Centre by itself is also an architectural work in terms of contemporary art. Outside you will be able to enjoy some coloured tubes that show a real contrast with the landscape.