The Swiss Alps, a trip to the European heart

02 Jan The Swiss Alps, a trip to the European heart

Hiker in Himalaya mountainsA trip to Switzerland is always a pleasure, moreover if you are going to this country to enjoy the winter activities or trekking. The high mountains, the beautiful valleys and the frozen winter make the Swiss Alps a perfect destination for those visitors that are looking the main stunning landscapes of this place in Europe.

Inspiration in 5 activities and places in the Swiss Alps

Switzerland is located about 1200 meters above sea level and there are many different sections as it seems to be impossible to explore all the geography. Do you know that almost the 60% of the Swiss incomes have to do with tourism?

1# Visit and climbing the Cervino Mount

This peak that almost has 4478 meters is the highest one in the Alps. The difficulty is among the last hundred of meters that require a unique expertise alpine train. Of course, you can also enjoy with St. Moritz and the Matterhorn Museum, where you can find the alpinist history of this region. Hikers can also enjoy a ten day tour around the Cervino.

2#Bernina Express

One of the biggest sensations for tourist travelling to the Alps is getting to the Bernina Express. This landscape train is perfect to discover the main interesting places of these mountains. It surrounds the main attractions. Would you like to get in love with the sights? This is your perfect plan.

3#Lugano Lake

If you have the opportunity, don’t miss a journey mailing the Lugano River. You will be able to enjoy the biggest and most beautiful lake in the Swiss Alps and also take into account that is one of the preferred destinations for all type of tourists in the area.

4# Sasso Corbaro Castle

Maybe the most interesting place near here is to enjoy this castle and its viewpoints as one of the main plans here. Would you like to see a mountain surrounded castle with the Alps as part of the view? Then you have to come here and enjoy the infinity destinations that travellers talk about.

5# Montebello Castle

Talking about castles, here you will feel like if you were in an unforgettable spot. It is one of the most stunning views in terms of architecture in the Alps.