The Rocky Mountains near Calgary

11 Jul The Rocky Mountains near Calgary

calgary-travelgenioThis city, located just 80 kilometres far from the Rocky Mountains it is one of the most visited ones for travellers that want to enjoy this American space. Maybe one of the main reasons we like Calgary is because it is the perfect destination for modern architecture lovers and the ecotourism followers. Meanwhile, those who want to enjoy the winter sports can do it here. During the summer season you can also enjoy with many outdoor activities such as hiking or mountaineering. But, the truth is that the crown jewel if we talk about activities is the rocky access.

Complete information to visit the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains in Canada are one of the most popular destinations that you will find in the country and also one of the most visited ones because, also, of its proximity to United States. You can find here some of the most beautiful Canadian spots:

– Ringrose Peak
– O’Hara Lake
– Robson Mount

The Rocky Mountains Park is considered World Heritage by the UNESCO and formed by four National Parks: Jasper, Banff, Yoho and Kootenay. The highest peak is the Robson Mount.

How to arrive: the best way to arrive to the Rocky Mountains is by road. You can try by bus although we do recommend you to rent a car and enjoy as this huge park counts with more than 20.000 square kilometres and it would be more accessible if you have the possibility to drive with liberty.

What to do: if you want to spend a different summer you can try the ecotourism tours offered in the park. There are many circuits with many interesting places to enjoy and discover like the Ringrose peak, from where you will be able to observe the stunning O’Hara Lake. The possibility to mountaineering the Robson Mount requires a good preparation as we are talking about a 4000 meters high.

It is also possible to make some mixed cruises that include both Alaska and the National Parks. In all these cases we will enjoy a lot the different services and possibilities we will have as foreign travellers. Would you like to discover much more? In this case, enjoy the opportunity to discover the Victoria Falls and the National Parks. All the beauty of this country is waiting for you. Enjoy!