The National Art Museum in Oslo

22 Jun The National Art Museum in Oslo

oslo-travelgenioIt was the mid years of the 19th century when, for the first time, appeared this museum in the Oslo streets. Years before it was located in the Royal Palace, until the last movement in 1882. Then, it arrived to the place where nowadays you can enjoy it, with all the history surrounding it.

If we talk about this museum, we are going to take a look to the most popular one in the city because it owns many Edvard Munch works, one of the main exponent of the expressionist movement.

A unique walk though the National Gallery

This museum will show you many works of different artistical movements from the Middle Age to the Baroque style (Van Dyck, el Greco, José de Ribera or Lucas Cranach are just some examples), although the most popular works have to do with the European Vanguard and, specially, if we talk about the Northern European artists.

The 19th century, when the Art Gallery was created, is one of the most incredible periods shown in these walls. You can find romantic works of Delacroix but also from Goya. There is also an exhibition of the impressionists and postimpressionists where you will enjoy watching paintings from Manet or Renoir, apart from the famous ones of Van Gogh or Degas.

Meanwhile, we have to say that the most popular gallery inside the Museum is the one dedicated to the local artist Edvard Munch, where you can watch the most famous paintings such as the Madonna or the Scream.

Useful information to visit the National Gallery in Oslo

Prices are about 100 Norwegian Crowns (about 10€). It is located in the 13 Universitetsgata Street and, if you see some signals, you can find it by looking where to go to the Nasjonalgalleriet. As it is easy that your visit matches with an itinerary show, be sure to buy the permanent show ticket also.

If we talk about the schedule, it depends on the season, so you must get informed before arriving there. On Mondays it is closed.