The most beautiful landscapes and regions in Germany

17 Dec The most beautiful landscapes and regions in Germany

colonia-alemania-travelgenioThe golden autumn in Germany present itself in its full glory and offers the opportunity to visit certain regions in Germany in this certain time of the year and to marvel at the colorful Flora and Fauna.

1. Black Forest: The Black Forest are Germany’s highest and largest connecting central uplands. From the lovely historic towns of Altensteig, Dornstetten, Freiburg im Breisgau, Gernsbach, Villingen, Zell am Harmersbach and Baiersbronn you can reach very special natural landscapes in no time. Many national parks and reserves can be found spread throughout the Black Fores and are waiting to be discovered by you this autumn. The variety of hotels and restaurants in the Black Forest region have the highest standards. We can find many family-run hotels and holiday lodges which still personally take care of the guest’s well-being.

2. Berchtesgaden Land: The region in Southern Upper Bavaria is for sure one of the most beautiful ones in all of Germany. Wide mountain regions, forests and valleys present themselves in all colorfulness especially in autumn. Even kings like Luitpold of Bavaria knew to appreciate this region in autumn and visited it every year in order to hunt and stay in Berchtesgaden Land.

3. Eifel: If you enjoy hiking, Eifel is the right place for you. Here the around 9km long dream path Wacholderweg should be named, which is easy to walk on for both beginners and advanced hikers. The path leads through meadows and fields, and hilly landscapes looking like colorful carpets.

4. Sylt: The beach chairs are mostly already packed up and most of the summer visitors are back home. The beaches are nearly empty and hotels offer special conditions for visitors. Through long walks or bike tours you can discover various places on the wind-shielded tideland side. On the way you can enter one of the original and traditional restaurants to brighten up your day.

5. Constance: In the region near Lake Constance we can indeed find the much talked about golden autumn. Weather in this mild region of Germany is mostly stable and nice, even in autumn. At Hotel Riva, which offers a view of the lake, you can relax over the weekend and drift away.

6. Moselle: The Rhine-Moselle region in the South West of Germany offers an impressive natural landscape especially in autumn with its wide wine-growing districts. Here you and your friends or family can enjoy a great short trip with long bike tours from Coblenz to Treveris along the Moselle.

7.Brandenburg: Wide landscapes, enchanted villages, comfortable restaurants, old mills, valley landscapes, invite you – Brandenburg is an ideal place for riding your bike. Whoever had done enough shopping in Berlin, gets their bike, gets on the train and gets off around 40km to the East in Brandenburg. From here wide landscapes reveal themselves waiting to be discovered by bike.
Hamburg: The Hanseatic Town is internationally popular and is well visited throughout the entire year. But in autumn there are quite less tourists finding their way to Hamburg in order to spend some beautiful days there. The charm and atmosphere of the city in autumn are however, very special.