The cheapest 5 asiatic countries

29 Sep The cheapest 5 asiatic countries

Nepal, La India - Travelgenio - Viajes y destinosThe Asiatic Continent is known because of the low cost rates if we compare them to many other geographical areas. This is why it is becoming one of the most popular touristic destinations for all type of tourists. Here you will find some of the best services once you arrive to its lands. They are waiting for you to show ou the beautiful spots and all their traditions.

5 countries in Asia really cheap

1. Malasia: Here you will find some of the best Asian services and resources from the very first moment you land in its territory. You can discover and survive a day with just 15-20 euros each day, but if you want a luxury option, just prepare 50 euros. Here everything is cheap, from the meals to the leisure.

2. Thailand: this country and its landscapes are the best way to fall in love with Asia. If you want to improve the services they offer you, you just have to look for all the options they have in the many lodgings that are waiting for tourist to arrive. If you travel like a backpack, just think about a budget of around 15 euros for each day.

3. India: considered as the cheapest country in the world, it worths a visit because of the contrast it will show you if you compare it to your daily life. Just to know, you will need aproximately 10 euros budget for each day as everything here seems to cost nothing comparing to the money we pay in our countries.

4. Nepal: this country lived a very tragical moment in April 2015, because there was a natural disaster that is still alive there. That’s why many tourists are choosing this destinations, to help these people with the reconstruction of their villages and helping increase the currently money.

5. Indonesia: the Indonesian land is one of the main destinations here in Asia because it worths many spots to discover with the best services possibilities. The culture, history, architecture and all the monuments and sites you can visit are the perfect excuse to arrive to this country.