The best airports in Europe

21 Nov The best airports in Europe

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioWe are not talking about the dimensions, if it is big or small if it has more or less travellers using its installations… we are talking about the quality of the airport.

A good airport is the one that provides interesting services, which also offer a great alternative in terms of airlines and connections and that is also well communicated with the city where it serves.

That is why we have made our particular top 5

1.    Helsinki: maybe it is not the biggest one in Europe and not even the one that gives service to a highest number of travellers, but it is perfect as a customer. The connectivity, the accessibility for people with disabilities and the possibility to spend the night in the airport dependences are some of the common points to declare this installations better or worst. Signs are well designed and the parking is cheap and easy to use. Without doubt it is one of the best considered ones if we take into account the travellers opinions.

2.    Zurich: this International Airport is one of the most visited ones in terms of travellers, even among Berna, the capital. The reason why many flights arrive to its landing tracks is because of the national and international connections as this is the entrance for the northern European flights.

3.    Frankfurt: it is one of the Big 5 and it worth every good word dedicated to its services. The Wifi services and the comfort to sleep and spend a night inside the installations are unique. The commercial area is incredible, the same way that the restaurant alternatives. It is an interesting way to get in touch with the soul of the city.

4.     Munich: it is other of the main German airports. There are free machines for those who want to taste a coffee, chocolate and tea. The main service and one of the most popular ones in the airport are the NapCap, where you can rest about 12 hours for 10-15 euros.

5.    Glasgow: our last airport is Glasgow as the main connection with Scotland. You will love everything related with its leisure activities.