The Belém Tower and the sweetest suburb in Lisbon

05 Apr The Belém Tower and the sweetest suburb in Lisbon

Traveling to Lisbon and not going to the Belem suburb is almost like not having discovered the real essence of the Portuguese capital. It has been one of the main important places of the city because of the explorers that almost lived here during all the expedition centuries.

Belém, the Tower suburb

As just told, this was the place selected by the explorers to start the colonization of the world. There are many jewels you must take into account in architectural terms. OF course, we are going to start with the Belem Tower, but also followed by the Conquerors Monument or the Jeronimos Monastery. If you are going to enjoy this place you must understand a little more about the symbol of the Portuguese capital.

Considered world Heritage by the Unesco, the Tower is unique. This fortress will tell you the way to enter the Lisbon port. It also owns some Arabic influences.
Nowadays you can visit it for 6 euros. You can combine this visit with the Jeronimos Monastery for 12 euros. Also take into account that you can have free acces the first Sunday of each month.

The Pastry Factory in Belem

The Portuguese country is well known because of the gastronomical treasures. And this pastries are one of the main jewels. The Belem sweets are something unforgettable for your taste and one of the main attractions in terms of flavours and savours. You can also enjoy a visit to this part of the town in tramway, maybe the most romantic way to discover the city.

Have a walk; discover the sounds, the views, and the architecture. Imagine past centuries, with many pirates and sailor men trying to reach a boat to go to the New World, crossing oceans for their country, having wine in any of the fado taberns.