The beauty in Gothenburg

09 May The beauty in Gothenburg

gotemburgo-travelgenioThis is the second city in terms of important of all Sweden and one of the most visited ones because of the beauty of its complex. With the biggest port of the Nordic countries we are sure you will enjoy a lot this city where nature and urban are together. If we talk about tourism it will show you the Viking style of the Nordic country. Would you like to know more about Sweden? Then, start planning your getaway to Gothenburg.

A boat tour in the Gothenburg archipelago

Travellers Hill find this the best way to discover the Styrsö island.s There is located the lighthouse of Vinga, built in 1851, and also the New Alvsborg Fortress. Without doubt it is one of the most interesting adventures you can after talk about. Here, the Viking history is unique and there are also some remains of the Irish sagas as a place where the ancient meetings took place.

Gardens in Gothenburg, the city lungs

Maybe the best known one is the Slottskogen Park. Its name has to do with the fortress that existed in the 19th century. This park, free entrance, is very busy during the summer months because it is a place to enjoy outdoor sports and also nature. It is also located in the Natural History Museum ground, where you will also find a zoo and also an observatory, among others.

Among these gardens, travellers will be also interested in visiting the many museums. We are talking, for example, about the Fine Arts museum, where you will be able to enjoy collections of artists such like Anders Zorns, Edvard Munch, Rembrand or even Rubens. The Barken Viking is one of the few four-masted sailboats that still exist. The Scientific Universeum is also an interesting place.

The Kultukalaset in Gothenburg

This fest is one of the most popular ones in Sweden and it is celebrated during August. It counts with many scenaries as well as locals to taste these country products. We can also talk about the Hammarkullen carnival, with a parade in its streets and that will be celebrated at the end of May.
Gothenburg is a city with many different things to offer to the travellers that decide their getaways in this Sweden locality.

If you take a look to the city from the Götaplatsen Square you will automatically fall in love with it. It is a dynamic city, a perfect place to live and enjoy as a tourist. It is a unique destination to enjoy Sweden.