The beautiful Eilean Shona Island

05 Dec The beautiful Eilean Shona Island

Have you ever dreamt about visiting Neverland? Then you will love the idea of arriving to this Scottish island, a place that not many travellers visited before. If you are an unconditional fan of the Barry James Mathew work, don’t doubt and take your luggage directly to Eilean Shona. You will find many interesting things you can do here.

What can you see in Eilean Shona

As if you were in a fairy tale, this marvellous place is unique and one of the unexplored regions of the British Islands for many travellers. Located in the Northern part of Scotland, you will be able to visit here the Tioram Castle, a unique building that will make all your dream’s come true. Also, the ancient school will show you the ancient heritage of a place between mountains.

Although it is a private island, you can visit it contrary to many others in the area and understand why this place is magical.

How to arrive to this beautiful island

To enjoy this trip you will need to rest in the only hotel that is located inside its geography. If you want to book it you will find it in many webs related to the hotel bookings. One of the incredible activities you will be able to plan here is discover the landscapes of its mountains, where a lake is hidden between all the beautiful spots.

You can also choose between resting in the house or in the palace. It depends on your budget and in the number of people that joins your adventure as it can be rented for a group of 12-14 and about 400 euros/night.

There are many interesting places where you can enjoy some sightseeing’s also related with the fauna and birds in the area.

Some unique plans you can enjoy here had to be with the lake, the possibility to sail and also to relax writing, reading or hiking.