The 8 most beautiful islands of the world

12 Aug The 8 most beautiful islands of the world

Islas y destinos exóticos - Travelgenio1. Bahamas: we are going to start this route in the Bahamas Islands, in the Atlantic Sea, but moreover, in the Cable Beach island in Nassau, that offers tourists and the rest of the visitors the spectacular white sand and a coloured sea in an ideal climatology. The beauty of each of this islands that form Bahamas are known as some of the most beautiful ones all over the world.

2. Santorini, Greece: the Greek beauty in all the territory of this country is something that has been preserved during many years as it has never past the time. This happens in Santorini. The Spectacular sea colours, the marvellous late afternoon and the charming white village makes this island one of the most demanded one by tourist during their holidays. The Santorini island is a destination you can not miss if you are looking for a dream location.

3. Capri, Italy: During many years this Italian island has been the place where many famous people of the world came for their holidays. Nowadays it has been keeping this privilege but with the advantage that you can enjoy the blue sea and the cliffs of its anatomy.

4. Galapagos, Ecuador: . Many people has heard about this island, that protects many wild animals and plants. It is the perfect place if you want to life really near the nature. The beauty of the sea and the surroundings makes this island the one of the most demanded ones during all the year.

5. Nosy Be, Madagascar: this beautiful island is located in this African country that has kept a great afluency of travelers that see a paradise in this land. Nosy Be is the chamaleon house but also the home of many other animals that accompany travelers on their routes through the island.

6. Bora Bora, French Polinesia: near Tahiti is located Bora Bora and the multicoloured sea that is added to the great nature and all the charm of this famous island, that is also a mistery for many travelers and that’s why every year it receives more and more tourists.

7. La Digue, Seychelles: This is maybe one of the most unknown islands of the world but it is a real paradise. Calm water and a huge hotel offer makes this island the perfect destination for summer.

8. Hawaii, United States: It is the most popular American island although it is located hundreds of kilometers far from North America. Hawaii has many tourist that arrive there to enjoy the calm sea, the falls that surround them and the great forest.