Take a look to the other Sao Paulo with 5 interesting places

01 Jul Take a look to the other Sao Paulo with 5 interesting places

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioIt is one of the most important cities in Brazil. If you decide to visit the 1.500.000 inhabitants’ city you will understand the intensity and experience of this place. In its streets you will find the past and present mixed, something that makes Sao Paulo a different destination to fall in love with. There are five places you should discover to get astonished.

Five secret interesting places

1. Via Funchal: this street has more than 15.000 square metres and it is one of the most recognised spots in Sao Paulo. There are many events you can enjoy here and it is also part of the Carnival route. Once here, you will also find the headquarters of the 2015 Football World Cup.

2. Ipiranga Monument or the Brazilian Independence: this monument will let you see an eternal flame and it is one of the most significant places you can visit in Sao Paulo. Moreover the beauty of its shapes, it is also related to many other interesting spots like the Imperial Chapel, the Amenia of Beauharnais and Peter tombs.

3. Se Square: it is a synonym of the historical city centre and it is considered the o area of Sao Paulo. In this mythical square is located the Cathedral, and it is the perfect starting point for all your tourist routes in its streets.

4. Metropolitan Cathedral: this building had to be restored because there was a brick that felt from the ceiling in 1999. Since then, there were many restoration activities that last until nowadays. If was reopened in 1999 but, it is really easy that you can still find some works if you visit it.

5. Municipal Theatre in Sao Paulo: if you want to visit this marvellous theatre you cannot miss the possibility to plan it between the 11th and 18th of February, when it celebrates the Modern Art Week. During this dates this building is alive. The architecture is something perfect for any type of visitors as it will show you some unique details everywhere you take a look.