Summer in Indonesia and Thailand

31 Jul Summer in Indonesia and Thailand

Both countries have become some of the most popular ones in the Asiatic Southeast and they are going to offer many adventures you would like to try. Of course, there is also an extra reason: price. Let’s talk about them.

Maybe one of the main reasons to travel with an agency is that you can choose to go in a group or even alone because there is leisure offer for all type of travellers.

Indonesia, a magical destination

Indonesia is a trip that usually starts in Bali. This city has its own International Airport and it connects with Bangkok and many other Thai islands by ferry, a really popular way to move among islands in this area. You can also find many reasons to visit those islands while you enjoy the Indonesian culture.

First of all, as told, you should know Bali and have a walk among the rice lands, mountains and valleys. Of course, you should also visit Yakarta, the most urban city in the country. From here you can visit the Yogyakarta Temple, its market and many other Indonesian spots that are really related with its islands. Discover Lombok, where you will love not only the beach but also the incredible water falls.

Thailand, not as unknown

It has been some many years that this destination became popular for tourist from all over the world. Moreover, it must be taken into account because there are many places to visit and enjoy. From Bangkok to Chiang Mai not forgetting Pattaya and the Koh Phi Island, there are many marvels to visit. This tourist destination is perfect for all type of travellers because there are many possibilities and plans to enjoy.

As well, you should discover Ko Samui, the mythic Mekong River and Pattaya, a city you will get in love with at the same time as speechless. Moreover, you will get astonished if you discover the Temples, one of the main attractions for European and occidental travellers. Islands like Koh Tao and Hua Hin will seduce you, adding, of course, the Khao Sok National Park, the one that inspired the high stones in Avatar movie.

Of course, those destinations are perfect for a summer getaway.