Spanish destinations for bachelor parties

18 Sep Spanish destinations for bachelor parties

San sebastián - TravelgenioAre you planning a bachelor party? Then this is your perfect article to discover the best Spanish destinations to spend an unforgettable days. Take notes because you will have the possibility of enjoying with all your friends. Everything would be more interesting once you can enjoy the best conditions from the very first moment.

5 unique destinations for a bachelor’s party

1. Salamanca: it is a classical destinations. The “frog city” is the perfect city to enjoy a bachelor’s party. It’s students souls is perfect to arrive here from September to May. Considered World Heritage, it will help you discovering one of the most typical and historical city of Castilla León in Spain.

2. Santiago de Compostela: this city is also considered World Heritage and it also shares with Salamanca the students soul as it is a university city. If you travel during summer you will find many tourists, while during winter, the night life is one of its main leisure plans.

3. Barcelona: it is que cosmo queen. This city worths a visit because of many reasons. Choosing to spend and enjoy here the bachelor’s party is always a good plan as you can decide what type of party you would like to have.

4. San Sebastián: we are now talking about the Guipuzcoa capital, that owns one of the most beautiful beaches we have never discovered. If you want sun and beach for your bachelor party, this is the perfect city as you can also taste some of the best Spanish gastronomy flavours.

5. Granada: if you are looking for popular rates in accommodations and also searching a different way of having fun, you must travel to the Albaycin, in Granada. Moreover the historical richness of this city, the most ancient flamenco tradition will open the door for you in some of the many caves that are still open to show this dancing art.

It is time for you to choose the most interesting city for you and your friends. Imagine the options in all these Spanish cities and then, plan your trip.

The only thing we can assure you is that you will enjoy some unforgettable days before the I do.