Some tips for a low cost travel to Greece

16 Jul Some tips for a low cost travel to Greece

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioEverybody is dreaming about traveling to Greece, because it is a country with a huge cultural baggage in Europe. We are deep in love with Greece. Don’t you like the temple of Zeus? What about the islands in Greece? It is like being in Paradise.  Here you are five cheap travels to Greece for next summer 2014.

Useful tips to travel to Greece

Accommodation in the best outskirts of Athens:  The Greek land is characterized by the hospitality. So, there are lots of alternatives for accommodation for those people who do not want to spend much. The prices of hostels in the outskirts of cities like Athens are low.
What about the means of transport? It is better to rent a car, with a cost of around twenty euros per day; it is the ideal way of getting to know the peninsula of the Peloponnese.

Hire a cruise to know the islands if you want to enjoy the Greek marvels.
Cruise around the Greek Islands:  Low cost cruises were widespread not long ago. This way of traveling is very good for those travelers who want to know better certain areas.  Iberocruceros offers rates from 250 euros. It is a marvelous opportunity for every visitor with the possibility of going to Mikonos o Santorini.

Enjoy the gastronomy in the villages: The Greek gastronomy offers the musaka and lots of dishes like the gyros and many others that are part of the tradition. If you want to travel low cost, choose small villages.

The best season for the low cost traveling is the autumn. But if you are looking for enjoying of the atmosphere, the best season is the spring.  The second part of September and the month of October are ideal if you want to enjoy a wonderful holiday.