Pointe a Pitre, when beauty is a tradition

04 May Pointe a Pitre, when beauty is a tradition

Located in the Isla de Guadalupe and considered a French comuna nowadays, Pointe a Pitre has became one paradise for travellers. Moreover, the French Antillas won’t be the same without this island. It is one of the favourite places for painters and also for bohemian artists, for surfers and also life lovers. The beauty is something unique here and should be enjoyed from the very first moment.

The beauty of Pointe de Pitre

This city has a French, Indian and African heritage mix and that is why it is as stunning as it is and also one of the preferred destination in the Antilles. Enjoy a walk in its streets until you arrive to La Darse, one of the most famous suburbs. The handmade artisans, the smells – it is a flower exporter – and some spices are just some of the most characteristic things you will find here. The gastronomy is also a thing to recommend and taste.

The Mardi Gras or the carnival is one of the main tourist attractions together with the Cookers Fest, when women celebrate a real banquet. All this national traditions are also together with some European ones and that make this part of the world a unique mix of cultures.

Places you should visit in Pointe De Pitre

To understand and visit this locality we recommend you to discover the Schoelcher Museum, where you will find all the info regarding the slavery and the abolitionists, especially in the figure of Victor Shoelcher.

We also recommend you to visit the outdoor market, located in the suburb we mentioned before. Here you will find the handicrafts and species.

The Victory Square is the meeting point in the city Duch as the National Park of Guadalupe.

If you want to discover the natural environment you will have to fall in love with the beaches located in Sainte Anne, Saint Francois or Gosier. Don’t forget you are in an island and this will provide you the possibility to enjoy some watersports and the many leisure offers you will find. Don’t forget to visit the Soufriere volcano.