London Eye and many other visits you cannot miss in the British Capital

08 Nov London Eye and many other visits you cannot miss in the British Capital

It is one of the London symbols, without a doubt, and also of the United Kingdom. It was designed and built between 1999 and the 2000 year. With 135 meters high over the Thames, it is a perfect attraction to try, moreover if you are in a familiar trip with kids. Its diameter is also 135 meters so we are talking about a huge wheel that will show you unique views.

Useful info to visit the London Eye

Ticket price depends on the public. If you need an adult ticket (more than 16 years) you will need to pay 26 euros to be able to ride it. Younger people can also enjoy this attraction from 18.5€. Take also into account that there are some discounts if you take some tourist cards packs.

For example, if you want to share the ticket with the river ride experience, you can enjoy both plans for 33€.

Everything depends on the plans you want to enjoy in the City.

Why enjoying the London Eye?

First of all you will be able to have a unique and unforgettable view of the St. Paul’s Cathedral and the London Bridge, among others like the Big Ben for example. It is the best London Balcony with a 360º view.

The “Capsules” or cabins are acclimatized. It owns 32 and they have all type of services if you want to book them.

One of the main things for the vertigo patients is that the mechanical of this attraction does not allow the swinging, so it is easier to enjoy a real good experience although the highness.

During the night it is a spectacle by itself. All enlightened is something stunning and part of the night in the capital.

Although you will find the 33 capsule, the truth is that there are just – as told before – 32 available ones. That is because number 13 is not numbered. Great Britain is superstitious.