Info to arrive from Krakow to Auschwitz

18 Oct Info to arrive from Krakow to Auschwitz

We are now talking about one of the most accessible cities in Poland and the beauty of its streets does not just have to do with places like the Wawel Castle or the Market Square but goes to places like the Salt Mines of Wieliczka or the Tatras Mounts.

If you already have discovered the main spots in the city and want to continue discovering all the attractions and interesting places here you should go to Auschwitz, a place that was a nightmare during a long historical period for the Jews.

How to arrive to Auschwitz from Krakow

This extermination camp was one of the most feared ones in the 20th century and it is just 60 kilometres far from Krakow. Nowadays it is still kept to be able to show the new generations the historical memory of one of the most incredible cruel past in order not to repeat the same mistakes. If you want to visit it you can choose between many options from the train to an organized tour. Buses can be reached from 4 euros so they are maybe one of the most popular alternatives.

When to visit Auschwitz

To visit this place you should also take into account the month you plan to arrive to this country. IF you travel from June to August you can arrive to the camp from 8 to 17h but if you are arriving from May and September, you can stay there until 18 hours. Finally, during winter, you can visit it until 15 hours. This is something to take into account in order to plan a real visit because light is going to be different during the different seasons.


You can find tickets from 10 euros including the guide person. But this is just if you arrive from 10 in the morning as neighbours know that you can enter for free from 8 to 10 in the morning and after 15 hours. Maybe people decide to pay because of the queues you can find. The truth is that our last recommendation has to do with visiting this place with kids: don’t do it. It is a terrific place.