How to successfully travel with a low-cost airline

21 Jan How to successfully travel with a low-cost airline

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioThe principle of low-cost airlines goes back to 1971 and was established by Southwest Airlines in the United States. This trend swept over to Europe in the early 90s and since then, this growth market has become one of the largest in Europe. Each year, more travelers choose to travel with so-called low-cost flights or cheap flights. Especially on short and medium flights, the classic airlines have been surpassed by the low-cost airlines. Most customers with short travel times focus more on the competitive price, rather than on comfort and luxury.

Many companies have recognized the trend and book their staff on the cheaper flights of low-cost providers. In addition, some low-cost airlines offer special frame rates for bigger customers, but despite the supposedly more favorable prices care should be taken when booking – the “cheap” ticket is not always really cheap. Sometimes remote airports are served not so good links to the public transport as a central capital airport, which is served by a traditional airline. What to look out for in detail with low-cost airlines, that are really cheap, you can learn with us:

Flexibility in flight details and arrival times: This is important when booking and save money: flexibility! Early morning and late evening is often cheaper than pleasant flight times during the day.
Flights between Tuesday and Thursday are usually cheaper than the other days.
Friday and Sunday are usually the most expensive days, installation usually belong to the expensive flight days here since many business people on the move.
Holiday season are logically as well as holidays and celebrations of the absolute high-priced periods.

Use worldwide budget airlines: Most regions of the world have become cheap airlines. With a little patience and time, you can now travel to most parts of the globe with low-cost airlines. Air Asia, Southwest Airlines and Jet Star are just three examples of overseas cheap airlines.

Open Jaw flights and Stay Over tickets: Give it Open Jaw flights a try. If you are flexible in time and it does not depend on one or a few more hours of extra travel time, you can save several hundred euros with the skillful combination of flights, depending on your destination.

Stay Over tickets on the other hand are offered by more and more companies. In this type of booking you allow the airline to book by their needs. This means, for example, for a flight from Frankfurt to Mexico with KLM we do a stopover in Amsterdam and remain there 1-3 days to get your resume. For travelers, this means the opportunity to explore another destination and the airline is able to react flexibly to the utilization of the route.

Visit websites of the airlines and subscribe to their newsletters: Often you will find the cheapest rates directly on the websites of the airlines. You may also find unbeatable deals and bargains in the newsletter. So it is worth to subscribe to the newsletter of your selected airlines to book a bargain at the right moment.

Searching and using Error Fares (error rates): An Error Fare describes an error rate or offer in the reservation system of the provider or the airline, that is stored there wrong. This may mean, that a price was set both too deep or too high. In this case, however, the price generally differs extremely from the regular fare. Therefore, one should look for them in their travel arrangements and always use this special offer, because you can definitely get tickets for half or even less!

Flexibility factor ‘airport’: Smaller airports are often cheaper than the large capital airports. Therefore, low-cost airlines fly to airports, that are often located slightly outside of the bigger cities and are not central. But you should also definitely pay attention to transportation, additional travel times and prices, because it can also be, that the remote location of the airport and the costs to continue your journey to your destination by public transport cause additional costs, that may make the price advantage of the cheap flight tickets to naught.