How to make a road trip in Europe

22 Dec How to make a road trip in Europe

viajes - upitravelNowadays there is a trend option for nomads: take a van and start a road trip for example, in Europe. The truth is that, this way, you will be able to enjoy some of the most magical places you can imagine. Let’s take note of some tips you need to know to avoid problems.

8 tips to make a European Road Trip

1-. Count the kilometres: we usually forget that all the kilometres we make for the going we will need to make it on the return. That is why sometimes the trips are so optimistic and we think we can still add some more destinations. Take into account that after 20 days in the road you will be really tired.

2.- Make a budget: if we talk about accommodation, meals, fuel, tolls (specially if you travel through France, Denmark or Sweeden, the ferrys…) and the money we will need to enjoy some attractions are the minimum you have to predict.

3.- Make also a budget for non expected things: although you may plan a low cost trip, we are sure you will also spend some coins in having a refresh in a terrace or buying some presents for relatives. These complementary expenses should be taken into account.

4.- Don’t try to include everything: you need to select the places you will visit. We understand that you will like to make as much visits as possible but you may get saturated.

5.- Avoid tolls to save some money: in France, for example, you can travel by freeways, but there are also free national roads that are not as horrible as you may think. If you plan carefully your road trip you will find the way to avoid tolls almost in all the European countries.

6.- The best countries to travel by van: France, Germany, Belgium and Norway are the best without doubt. You must also search for the areas and countries where the bathrooms and water is available almost for free in the van areas.

7.- Patience: this is a basic. If you travel with your partner or friends you will need to dialogue. If not, nightmare could begin.

8.- Family trip? Plan a lot more stops: the truth is that you can also plan an amusement park during the journey.