Hometown challenge: do you know where you life?

13 Dec Hometown challenge: do you know where you life?

Travelling to exotic places, getting lost far away from the comfort area, discovering new universes…well, it seems that all of us look for something like this but: do you know where you life? Do you think you know your city as if it was one of your chosen destinations? Let’s take a hometown challenge.

5 tips to overcome your hometown challenge

1. Visit those museums you have never discovered: you will get surprised if you just take a look to your hometown guide. Maybe you have seen many museums all over the world, in places like London or Paris but, have you visited all your town museums? There are many things waiting for the neighbours to be discovered and that is why we recommend you to get all the info and start a museum tour in your own city.

2. Discover the treasures in the churches and the Cathedral: it is another thing that keeps in a stand by if you are a foreign traveller. We can bet you have visited many churches, even hermitages in places you have travelled to but, are you sure you know everything about them in your own city? We recommend you to start this weekend.

3. Enjoy the city routes: normally there are many urban routes that make visitors discover the main monuments in the city. Why don’t you get all the info about them and start planning your hometown routes? You will discover so many things you have never taken into account.

4. Book an accommodation near the place you live: well, it can sound something not really realistic, but the truth is that, if you think about it, you will be able to enjoy something different in your own town. What about a spa or a place to enjoy a gourmet dinner with your partner-in-crime?

5. A photo shoot session in your city: you will get astonished with the many things you can discover and shoot in your hometown. We recommend you to walk not just thought the tourist area but also through the suburb streets, like if you were a tourist trying to understand your town soul.