Holiday in Mexico DF

11 Jun Holiday in Mexico DF

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioMexico DF is one of the biggest cities in the world, with ten million inhabitants. It has a great deal of activities, culture and leisure. There are many places of interest nearby. Let’s visit the main places at a good price.

10 things to do in México

1. Have a coffee in the House of  Tiles: It is located in the city center. Visitors in Mexico can admire the colonial architecture at its best, and enjoy the gastronomy in the restaurant or have a coffee.

2. Visit the museum dedicated to Diego Rivera on the night of all Saints: The Anahuacalli museum collects the works of the muralist Diego Rivera, who was married to Frida Kahlo. It is fascinating to visit it on the night of all Saints because many works are exhibited and many activities are organized.

3. Listen to the mariachis in Garibaldi Square: It is possible to hire the services of a professional group of mariachis near the tequila museum, and enjoy a wonderful evening.

4. The Xochimilco Lake: It is a primary visit in México DF.  You can admire the artificial islands or “chinampas” and choose a small boat to sail in the channels.

5. Eating stuffed churros on Sunday in Coyoacán: This neighborhood is one of the oldest and traditional in México DF. It is ideal to go for a walk in the little streets and enjoy a tipical stuffed churro. The coffee shop El Jarocho prepares a delicious coffee, perfect after a nice evening in this zone of henna tattoos.

6. The amusement park in the Chapultepec fair:  Prices reach 150 pesos, but cheaper fares can be found. There are over 40 attractions for children and adults in México DF.

7. Visit the city of Teotihuacán: It is 45 kilometers from México City. The pyramids of the sun and the moon are waiting for visitors. Both are a must visit for travelers who want to learn about pre-Hispanic culture.

8. Terraces in the Square of the Independence: Mexican people are proud of the Square of the Independence.  Visit the Plinth and the National Palace or the Cathedral too.

 9. Climb to the Latin American Tower: There is a marvelous panorama of the city for 20 pesos. It is open from 9 in the morning to 10 at night every day.

10. The story of Frida Kahlo: Frida Kahlo’s life was exciting. Her work has also been portrayed as one of the most important among Mexican artists, and Latin American artists in general.