Historical trip to the French Britanny

16 Oct Historical trip to the French Britanny

Castillos Bretaña Francesa - TravelgenioDo you like Medieval Age? Do you want to discover small villages with a huge history? Would you like to visit the castles and fortress of the Medieval Age in France? Well, then you must travel to the Britanny. The best way to arrive here is the Rennes St. Jacques Airport and then, once there, rent a car to start your personal route.

A special trip to Britanny: village by village

Once you get to Vitré for the first time, you will immediatelly think about the German Black Forest and the Hans Christian Andersen tales. This is Vitre, the image we have in our imagination when we think about dreams. Start our road trip here is the best idea although expectations are high. You must get lost and discover the Notre Dame Church.

Time to continue the route and get to Concarneau, a walled city in the coast and where you will discover the Keriolet Castle. Our first day ends here, by walking through the streets and tasting the flavours of the many stablishments.

Canoeing on the banks of Oust and adventures in Locronan

Time to wake up early and practise canoeing in Josselin. The Banks of Oust is beautiful by itself but, you must take a look to the silhouette of the palace, that is part of the Loira castles route. Our trip will continue in Locronan, where the St. Ronan Church gives us our welcome. Time to make a stop and have a coffee here. Our day will finish in Dinan, where there are two spots we must visit: the castle and the clock tower.

From Fourgeres to Le Faou

We know it is impossible to see everything just in a few days, so we continue with our selection. Time to wake up and continue by road to Fourgeres. You must taste the famous crepes here, while you get in love with the biggest fortress in Europe.

There is a village you may have the temptation to avoid, but it will be a mistake. Vannes is one of the most beautiful villages of this region although maybe it is not one of the most popular ones. The walls are just a welcome to the typical britanny village. Then, it will be time to arrive to Rochefort-en-Terre and taste one of the best coffees you will find here in one of the many brasseries they have. Finally, lets get a boat in Rennes, one of the most important ports in this area for traders and also for a protected architecture.