Great trips: Mongolia after winter

12 Dec Great trips: Mongolia after winter

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioLet’s start saying it is the nomad country and that every year is visited by many travellers. The quality is based, mainly, in the fact that the Mongolian country is an unexpected destination. There are many places you should visit here, starting in Ulan Bator. Follow our tips to enjoy your trip.

Ulan Bator, the nomads’ capital

If there is a place that means nomad life, this is Ulan Bator. Mongols were nomads, really used to change their homes. During many time, as a fact of this, the Mongolian capital changed its place. If you are going to travel to Mongolia and you are planning to visit the monumental area, this is your city, as you will be able to discover, among others, the Bogd Khan Winter Palace.

Same way, you can also visit the luxury winter Palace that will leave you speechless. Get to the Jebsundamba Khutughtu too, later named the Bogd Kahn and afterwards plan a walk through the Sukhbaatar Square to arrive to the city museums. You will get astonished by the rare beauty of its streets.

2 jewels you need to discover if you travel to Mongolia

You must discover the Ubsugul Lake and the Khustain Nuruu National Park. We love this lake because, apart from being the second biggest one in the country, is one of the most important ones in all the Central Asia and owns spectacular sightseeing’s. During winter the temperatures descend to the -40ºC but there is beauty in all of these. Just take a look to all the surrounding mountains and the many travellers that take the chance to climb the Mundu Sardyk.

On the other hand, the Khustain Nuruu National Park is an unforgettable place you cannot miss. You will be able to discover and see some of the most important animals in the country and also the Mongolian Prairies.