Great trips: Mexico DF and the archaeological sites nearby

10 Oct Great trips: Mexico DF and the archaeological sites nearby

As the Mexican Capital, Mexico City has a lot to offer in terms of urban spaces and there are thousand of travellers that admire all the incredible monuments in its streets. We fall in love each time we visit this city and we want to share with you the nearest archaeological sites in order to help you enjoying this trip.

Nearby archaeological sites

1.    Teotihuacan: located about 78 kilometres far from Mexico DF we find this marvellous destination, considered World Heritage. It is one of the most popular destinations in the Mexican geography and it is where you will be able to get astonished by the Sun Pyramids or the Terraced Pyramid.

2.    The Great Temple Site Musuem: it is a monolith in Coyolxauhqui, a marvel that is located in Mexico City. You need to discover all its beauty and also enjoy the rich surroundings.

3.     Ehecatl Temple: located in the city center you can find this free temple that will be the door to the rest of the historical sites in the capital, in the Pino Suarez subway station. In its past it was the cult place for the Wind God Ehecatl.

4.    Cuicuilco: if you think you need to go far away from the capital to find the archaeological sites, you are really mistaken. Cucuilco is an archaeological site that still keeps its circular base. You will find it near the university and it was consecrated to the Fire God.

5.    Tlatelolco: we have to give this site the importance it had in a past althouth its final time was really sad for all the natives that inhabited it. After the Mexican conquers, it got ruined and you can still find the rests here. All visitors that want to visit it can do it after arriving to the Ricardo Flores Magon Avenue. It is easy to find it as it is located in the historical centre and you have an easy access there.