Flying to Italy: the best options for low cost travelers

08 Sep Flying to Italy: the best options for low cost travelers

RNowadays there are many travelers that want to find the low cost trips that are offered. This is a very possitive fact as there are many alternatives for those who have a low budget but would like to discover many places around the world. The current proposals also include some Italian places. So let’s take a look to the low cost flights to this European country.

Low cost flights to Italy

It is interesting to take a look to the airlines that operates flights to this country. We will discover how Alitalia, one of the main airlines in Italy, will help you finding the best prices, services and destinations. Without doubt, you will be able to find routes to Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Naples or even Palermo or Sicilia. All this places are very attractive for travelers and tourists and know a lot about the low cost flights in their airports.

We must remark that the Alitalia flights are not low cost flights, but you will find them cheap if you take into account all the services they will offer you. From the very first moment you will be able to enjoy the best resources and conditions.

Ryanair and Vueling, the best low cost to fly from Spain

If you are looking for the best flights, you must also take a look to the possibility to make a scale in Spain. From there, Ryanair offers really low cost flights to Rome and Milan if you travel from Malaga or Valencia. There are other interesting options for those who prefer to travel from Madrid or Barcelona. The Ryanair possibilities and the Vueling ones are very interesting in terms of price and because they have been recently including the hand luggage.

Vueling also offers many routes from Barcelona or the Balearic Islands with incredible prices to Italy. This flights are thought to help you in discovering CerceƱa, Sicilia or the Italian Peninsula. It is also possible to travel to Venice, Milan, Bolonia or Naples. The actual possibilities with Ryanair and Vueling are really attractive for those who want to enjoy Italy in Capital Letters.