Five safe cities in the world

25 Jun Five safe cities in the world

aerolineas-singapore-airlines-travelgenioWe want to find safe cities in the world, in special if we are traveling with the family. It is important to learn about the best characteristics concerning security in the cities that we are visiting.

The cities with the best security in the world

1. Bern: This city is safe and special in central Europe. You have to visit the Bear Park, the Parliament and the Cathedral if you are near the Swiss capital. The city of Berna is ideal to travel with the family.

2. Luxemburg: The city of Luxemburg carries the title of being the safest city in the world. The historical district has special relevance.  Notre Dame is really interesting. Visit also the Bourscheid Castle.

3. Stockholm: The security in this city is only an added value. The Swedish capital is an attractive representation of the Bauhaus, with an important architecture and art.

4. Auckland: This New Zealand’s second city has a security of first order. And it also offers a lot of leisure. It is an ideal place to practice diving, sailing and much more.

5. Singapore: It is nowadays one of the safest cities in the world.  We can admire the Asian wonders in Singapore, with high skyscrapers and contrast. From Raffles Place, the economic center square, to Hindu Gopuram, silent witness of the interaction of  Eastern cultures.

Recommendations when traveling abroad

Some of them are basic, like bringing two credit cards, a mobile coverage – in case of hal cash -, and duplicate documentation – photocopied -.
Inform about the neighborhoods in the cities. Do not take things of value to the travel, unless you go to a hotel with access to safe.