Five picturesque villages in Europe

05 Nov Five picturesque villages in Europe

Vacaciones LowCost - TravelgenioBoth Spain and Europe have some marvellous villages in many nature spaces that still keep their traditions. Many visitors enjoy this type of tourism every year and, the possibility to meet all these places and traditions make their getaways a success.

Now we are going to name five of these charming places.

Oia in Greece

Located about 11 km from Fira, this greek village of the Santorini island is a reference because of its houses, embedded in volcanic rocks, white painted and with a Mediterranear architecture. The sunsets in this place are famous all over the world.

BesalĂș in Girona, Spain

In the Garrotxa region of Gerano you will find BesalĂș, a Spanish medieval village with a huge architectural and historical heritage, narrow streets and some jewels like the old bridge, the St. Vicent church or the St. Pere monastry. There you will enjoy both nature and culture.

Manarola in Italy

In Liguaria in Romaggiore municipality in the province of La Spezia, is this charming seaside village, declared World Heritage, that makes up the Cinque Terre. It is located in a very peculiar way. on top of a cliff and its houses are brightly colored. It is one of the most frequented coastal towns in Italy.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany

This medieval village of Bavaria would be perfect for being the home of characters like Pinocchio, as it seems to be taken from a traditional tale. With lovely old houses, typical Bavarian, it retains its historic preservation added with a good range of cultural, entertainment and good charming small hotels in the center, perfect for romantic getaways or family.

Clovelly in England

Located in Devon, this English fishing village shows its charm in its very narrow streets, keeping all the flavor of past centuries, both in their lodges and their establishments, bars and restaurants. You need to pay a fee of about 7 pounds to visit it, but it worths it for its beauty and traditional structure and a cluster of traditional houses that are the most peculiar of the area.