Five hotels in the Rías Baixas

02 Jul Five hotels in the Rías Baixas

Check-in - TravelgenioTourism in the Rías Baixas is considered as luxury tourism, as it is an option that attracts travelers who are looking for a quiet zone and also want to enjoy the beaches and the sun. The Atlantic Ocean is a perfect alternative, especially if we have in mind that there is a microclimate with pleasant temperatures in this area.

5 hotels in the Rias Baixas for summer 2014

1. Hotel Puente de la Toja: It is located 200 meters from O Grove, in La Toja Island. This is one of the best hotels in the Rías Baixas, with a category of three stars. The rooms have WiFi and plasma TV. The coffee shop and the restaurant are good service.

2. Hotel Atlántico San Xenxo: It is a two-star hotel with swimming pool and a wide social living room. And it is an economic accommodation. We love its apartment aspect, with a desk, wardrobe and private bathroom, as well as its location 300 meters to Montalvo beach. The restaurant of thel hotel Atlántico is specialized in Galician cuisine.

3. Hotel Delfín: It is located in La Lanzada beach. Its reception is open 24 hours. You can enjoy O Grove, San Xenxo and Portonovo if you are accommodated in this hotel.  And you can also enjoy the traditional cuisine.

 4. Hotel Playa de Quenxe: It is located in the Corcubión estuary. It is a quiet place, ideal for those people who are looking to be away of the world noise and enjoy a special travel.  Finisterre Cape is just 10 minutes by car from this hotel.

5. Hotel Restaurante Loureiro: You will fall in love with Bueu in the Morrazo area. This hotel has rooms with a view to the sea, private room and the best service. There are many routes nearby and a long Galician tradition to be discovered. Rates are around 35 euros per double room and night.