Film travels: going back to Austin, in Texas

30 Jul Film travels: going back to Austin, in Texas

Huelga Controladores - Derechos de los pasajeros - TravelgenioAustin In Texas has been mentioned many times by directors and film writers, like Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez. The rangers of Texas: This denomination says everything. We get into film traveling with “Going back to Austin, Texas”.

9 films and a reason to travel to Austin, Texas

1. Machete: Danny Trejo is starring this film. Robert de Niro, Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan also work with secondary roles. The film has some locations in the city, like the Church Saint Mary where the brothers Machete appear. What else?  Robert Rodriguez is the director of the film, and the co-producer is Quentin Tarantino.
2. Planet terror: This film by Robert Rodriguez and the film Grind House have been devised by Tarantino and Robert. There are the studios where it was filmed. The land where the zombies attack is in George Town.
3. Death Proof: Tarantino chose Texas to film the  story scenes.
4. Predators: The feature film takes place in this city in “Trouble Maker Studies”. It is a habitual place of mentioned directors, as Robert is one of the people who made them. The studies can be visited.
5. Shorts: It is another feature film, although less known. It has also been filmed in the studies and some zones in the city.
6. Sin City: It is another of the first category films, filmed in part in Austin. It is starred by artists and directed by Frank Miller, comic’s mythic writer (responsible of XMen).
7. Mini Spies 4: We can include this film among the main films.
8. Kill Bill: Trouble Maker Studies have served to film scenes like in Peking or Hong Kong, and also like in Texas.
9. Dazed and confused: This film had Austin as the film place. The film is dated in the 93.

Tarantino enjoys taking it in the film writings

Quentin Tarantino is so fond of the capital of this USA State that he is directing a festival here nowadays. Most of their films let see this predilection for this southern state of the EEUU: “Reservoir Dogs “and “Pulp Fiction” for example. Austin streets are a place to get lost. This city must be visited by car, because the public transport in this city is expensive and not efficient. Choose the outskirts if you are looking for an economic accommodation, because there are bed and breakfast in the residential neighborhoods.

You should go to the 6th Street if you are in Austin. Evenings are really interesting, full of street musicians and bars. The Capitol has an honor place, as well as the Bob Bullock Museum and the O’ Henry Museum, the Penn baker Bridge, the Texas Capital Vietnam Veterans Monument and the Austin Bergstrom. There is a devotion for music in Austin, and travelers can find themselves immersed in the capital with a strong tradition in the EEUU.