Family plan in Caribbean destinations

13 Mar Family plan in Caribbean destinations

Playas y destinos - TravelgenioBequia is a tiny Caribbean Island, tucked away in the Grenadines, almost unknown, especially compared to one of its illustrious closest neighbors Mustique, and it likes it that way.

Not so many years ago it wasn’t uncommon to literally walk into a glamorous rock star in a bar on Bequia, who could walk unrecognized around the bars of this very laid back island. This was, and still remains one of the major attractions of Bequia.

Bequia has less than six thousand residents and it has a feel to it, that is at once both magical and enduring, in the sense that you feel from the moment you arrive, that somehow this is a different Caribbean destination. You seem to have a sense that Bequia is somewhere you just know you will want to return to.

It’s different, it’s friendly, it’s unspoilt, and it’s probably the Caribbean you thought some of the better known islands would be!!

Bequia doesn’t have five star resorts and Spas, covering half a hillside, but what it does have is luxury hill top villas, air conditioned apartments, and absolutely first class small privately owned hotels. You will find friendly beachfront guesthouses, and don’t ever forget a privately owned yacht as your home for a vacation, because the Grenadines are famed for sailing. In other words, don’t come here if the trappings of twenty first century resorts are an essential part of your vacation.

One of the great things about a vacation on Bequia is your choices of what to do. Here is the center of the best sailing in the Grenadines, and the harbour is full of chartered yachts, the bars and restaurants packed with sailors, creating a unique atmosphere of excitement. If you don’t sail, then you can dive in some of the most beautiful waters in the world.