Experience a Golden Autumn in Stockholm

30 Nov Experience a Golden Autumn in Stockholm

Maybe you belong to the group of people who had no, or only a short summer vacation this year. If that’s the case, however, you deserve a nice and exceptionally pleasant autumn getaway. Especially if you have only a few days to spare and want to see and experience something unique, a trip to the nearby Stockholm is an ideal possibility. All year round we find cheap flights that get us to the Nordic Capital.

The city is very well connected to international air traffic. The way from the airport to the city is also hardly worth mentioning and very fast. The idea of spending a few autumn days in Stockholm is really good, because even though the climate is quite fresh and cool, you still have a stable and mostly sunny weather. This is of course great because it means that we can most likely experience a few beautiful days of the Golden Autumn in Stockholm.

Immerse yourself in nature

Critics often describe Stockholm’s architecture as somewhat too clumsy and futuristic. The many special architectural buildings are extraordinary in any case. The Old Town is exceptionally chic and lovingly restored. Anyone who has ever visited Stockholm will appreciate the proximity to nature. More than 20 different parks and parks are located in and around the city, inviting visitors to take long walks.

Art in the subway

It is said that Stockholm is home to the world’s largest and longest art exhibition. We’re talking about the subway, which is unique in the world. Most of the more than 100 kilometers of track and almost all subway stations are artistically decorated and equipped with sculptures. The descent into the underworld of Stockholm is more like a museum visit than a simple underground ride.

Gastronomy in Sweeden

Stockholm may not be a very convenient city when you look at the prices of menus and maps in restaurants. This is mainly due to the comparatively high tax on consumer goods in Sweden. But once you have worked your way through the menus, you will find that each crown is very well invested. The tasty and sometimes hearty dishes are a wonderful match for the autumnal season.