Enjoying the French Provence

06 Jul Enjoying the French Provence

Turismo Enológico - TravelgenioTalking about the French Provencal is talking about the Blue Coast in France and probable the most exclusive area dedicated to the luxury tourism. We are going to show you some of the most magical areas here and also the places we do know you will fall in love with. Take a look and tell us you won’t resist its charm.

The enjoyable art in the French Provence

As a historical province in France, the Provence is part of the Alps, the Rodano Mouths and also the Maritime Alps. You must know that from Marseille to Nice or Cannes, they are all part of this French area.

Marseille, the entrance to the French Provence

There are many places you should visit here, but, Marseille is one of the most worth ones because of its heritage. Starting from the Garde Basilica, you will be able to understand why this sea village is unique. Take a look to the maritime port, it is one of the most beautiful ones in the Blue Coast.

It is really probable that you discover here Grassen Cannes, the Cannet, Antibes, CAgnes-sur-Mer or Saint Paul de Vence. If you plan a road trip you will also need to make a pit stop in Monaco and make the F1 lap. Don’t forget, if you have enough time, Perpignan.

Cannes, the cinema feeling village, but also much more. This fisher village has something unique if you are looking for charming spaces: the Vieux port. You will need just a day to enjoy it.

Antibes: it is a fortress by itself. It was a Roman city in the past and it still keeps some of these constructions heritage. Although it is not the most popular place in the Blue Coast, it is perfect for curious travellers.

Grasse: it is definitely a different locality. Narrow streets and coloured houses are the main attractions. It seems to be taken from the Tuscany.

Nice: if you are travelling to the Blue Coast you need to visit Nice to understand the real French feeling. It is a charming place that is really well kept because it is one of the most tourist ones of this area.

Saint Paul de Vence: we love this place. It is a place that seems to be designed to be as beautiful as to worth the inspiration for artists like Picasso or Matisse.