Do you know Calgary? Perfect holidays in Canada

27 May Do you know Calgary? Perfect holidays in Canada

calgary-travelgenioThe Canadian Calgary is a huge territory inhabited by more than a million people, just 80 kilometres far from the Rocky Mountains. The ecotourism is one of the main claims for visitors as it is not a place where travellers arrive because of the temperatures of this region during almost all year. Anyway, it is considered one of the best places to live in Canada by Money Senses because of the high quality of life you can enjoy here.

Interesting places to know in Calgary

If you are travelling to Canada you cannot miss a visit to Calgary and, of course, all its surroundings. One of the most interesting places for travellers is the Banff National Park, located just 180 kilometres far from the city. But, why do we recommend a place that far? Because it is a unique place with glaciers, forests, ice fields and also mountains.

If there is an activity that almost all visitors want to try here is the aurora boreal in Fort McMurray. The possibility to be a witness of the winter aurora boreal makes this place something unforgettable. But there are many others such as the mountains during summer and the possibility to ski during winter. The truth is that Calgary has incredible connections with the rest of the country, something that will help you in your Canadian trip.

How to get to Calgary

If you want to arrive here, you have the Calgary Airport. The terminal is located about 17 kilometres far from the city center. Visitors will find a perfect place to enjoy all the treasures and the rest of the Canadian capitals. Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto or even Ottawa are well connected with the city we are talking about.

Really near you can also plan a getaway to discover one of the most famous spots in the country; the Niagara Falls.

Would you like to enjoy a great adventure in Canada? Do not doubt, you will fall in love with the beautiful spots you have in this country and that will show you all their mysteries and beauties to make you enjoy your trip like never.