Cultural tourism: the best European cities for the opera

23 Aug Cultural tourism: the best European cities for the opera

VThere are different modalities of tourism. This time we are going beyond to give you information about the main European cities to enjoy the opera. The public who likes the opera is demanding quality, and we like challenges. Here you are some possibilities to travel to some countries where you can enjoy the opera at economical rates.

European cities to be conquered by the opera

Vienne: The city of Vienne is recognized by the opera. The Christmas Concert offered by the Philharmonic is of the highest quality. We can also find numerous interpretations all over the year. The building can be visited with no need of going to the opera. But it is advisable to assist to a showpiece. Vienne is expensive. Visitors must have in mind the accommodation costs – there are also hostels and B&B – and  food costs. It is recommended to accommodate in hostels where the own meal is allowed, because rates are high in Vienne.

Prague: The capital of the Czech Republic is beautiful. We are fond of the old town and its culture. The opera in this city is economic, as in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria. The East of Europe is ideal to assist to the opera at low rates. Prague is fascinating because of the marvelous possibilities of culture and leisure.

Cluj-Napoca: The capital of Transylvania is a university city where travelers can enjoy of the best theatre and opera. This city offers the best with much lower rates than Vienne. You can Access to this city with Wizzair.

Paris: It is expensive to assist to the opera in Paris. But it is so beautiful! We will fall in love with it a thousand times. Lots of Spaniards visit Paris. It is necessary to book the opera in advance if you want to enjoy it.

Budapest: This is a perfect city, beautiful and economic. It has a lot of cultural activities. We have fall in love with this city and we recommend to visit it to enjoy the opera and a lot more.